Does ABYX manufacture all its cleaning products?

 ABYX chemical company, manufactures its chemical cleaning products.

What does SABS ISO 9001 mean?

 ABYX is ISO 9001 accredited, meaning we comply with SABS ISO 9001 manufacturing standards. Individual products are not SABS registered. For more information | Read here

What is the ABYX delivery area?

Currently ABYX delivers within a 300km radius of our Pretoria factory. T&C’s apply

Does ABYX sell raw materials?

ABYX sells certain raw materials in bulk. Direct your enquiries to |

Why are products discontinued?

Factors include consumer demand, changing environments and new surface technology.

What determines ABYX quantity pack sizing?

ABYX is a bulk product manufacture, we encourage customers to resell our products in smaller quantities.

Why is bleach not sold in bulk?

Bleach has a limited shelf life and will lose effectiveness over time.

Can "mop & shine" be used on wood flooring?

mop & shine” is a water-based formula, it can only be applied to properly sealed wood with a waterproof barrier.

Does "mop & shine" dry to a clear shine?

Even though “mop & shine” appears as a white emulsion in the container, it dry’s to a clear colourless shine on sealed floors.

Does "tyre shine" contain silicone, does dust adhere to the dry coating?

tyre shine”  does not contain silicone. “tyre shine” is not sticky when dry.

Does ABYX sell empty containers

ABYX can sell certain empty containers by prior arrangement. T&C’s apply.

Does ABYX supply customised printed labels?

By prior arrangement ABYX can supply certain printed labelling. T&C’s apply.

Does ABYX only supply 5L pack sizes?

ABYX supplies many pack sizes, product pack size information can be found here | or enquire when placing an order with our sales staff | 012 803 231

Does ABYX only supply fixed packaged quantities, or can individual products be purchased?

The ABYX full product range, is available in individual quantities at | ABYX factory shop at 344 Zasm street Waltloo Pretoria

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