SANIKLEN Topical Solution, an Antiseptic Hand Rub Non Sterile Solution.
Contains 75% alcohol, making it highly effective in killing germs and bacteria.

Easy to apply

Colourless with a light alcohol odour.
HAND USE only.



Why wash hands.

Thorough cleaning hands with hand wash pink liquid is an important step in preventing the spread of germs and disease.

Because many germs are spread regardless of working conditions or work place, it it is important to wash frequently.

Wash with Saniklen liquid soap to ensure thorough cleanliness for your personal safety..

Why use Abyx liquid soap.

Firstly hands that look clean can carry a lot of germs.

Secondly Abyx Saniklen hand wash soap is pH neutral and contains moisturizer which ensures that it is gentle to the skin.

Thirdly use a well formulated liquid soap to clean properly and remove dirt easily.

How to wash thoroughly.

Wet hands with clean water and dispense a small quantity of liquiand onto the hands and wrists.

Lather liquid soap to a foam and rub the palms together..

Hold and clean each finger and thumb individually with a twisting motion.

Interlock fingers of each hand and use an up and down rubbing action.

Next wash the back of the hands.

Clean under the finger nails and the tips of each finger.

Rinse hands under water and dry off excess water.

Repeat again if hands are not perfectly clean.

Liquid soap dispensing

Dispense Abyx liquid soap with a soap dispenser because it eliminates wastage and equally important spillage.

In addition use a dispenser in bathrooms, toilets and kitchens.



Best used with soap dispensers.
Wet hands with water and dispense a small quantity of hand wash onto the hands. Lather hand wash to a foam. Rinse hands under water and dry off excess water.