fabric stain

fabric stain

What product to use to remove stains from Laundry

Abyx Fabric Stain Remover is specially formulated to safely remove stains from all light coloured laundry and clothing. Because stains are always unsightly and often difficult to remove it is important to use an effective stain remover to quickly and easily solve the problem.

How to get best laundry results with Abyx stain remover.

Pre-treat all stains including blood stains by applying concentrated Abyx Fabric Stain Remover in particular with a trigger spray bottle. Spray direct onto affected areas and rub the liquid into the garment.

Stubborn Stains

In addition for stubborn stains soak the garment overnight in a bucket of warm or cold water with approximately 100ml of Abyx Fabric Stain Remover.
After soaking wash as normal.

Heavily soiled garments and fabrics

To achieve best results repeat the above process if necessary

Similarly regular treatment ensures that all washing remains spotless and stain free

Other uses

Furthermore use Abyx fabric stain remover on surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and home. Also treat a stain promptly for easier and quicker removal. Always keep a quantity in the home to treat stains quickly.

CAUTION : do not mix with bleach products.




Brightening of Laundry [White and colourfast fabric only]

Add 60ml [4 tablespoons] to 5L water.

Allow to soak for ± 15-30minutes.
Rinse and wash with regular detergent.
Dosage will vary depending upon size of washing load.

Cleaning Washable Surfaces

Pour 250 ml of Bleach to 5L Water.

Apply to area with a sponge or cloth.

Leave for 30 seconds and rinse.

laundry liquid

laundry liquid

Washing Machine

1. For 7kg load lightly soiled laundry add 75ml laundry liquid to the dispenser of your washing machine.

For heavily soiled laundry add 100ml to the dispenser.

2. Follow the machine instructions to set the time, temperature, and type of material that you are washing

3. Allow the washing machine to complete the programme cycle.

4.  Add ABYX fabric softener fresh to the final rinse cycle, for soft & fresh smelling laundry.

Hand Washing

ABYX laundry liquid is ideal for hand washing delicate fabric

1. Add hot or cold water to the basin, mix in +/-150ml laundry liquid.

2. Increase laundry liquid quantity for a large amount of washing or very soiled laundry.

3. Agitate laundry by hand to allow detergent to clean. For best results soak laundry for 1 hour or more.

4. Rinse laundry in clean water till water runs clear.

5. Add ABYX fabric softener fresh in the final rinse water, for fresh smell laundry.

6. Spin dry if available or hand wring and hang washing out to dry.

Fine & Delicate Fabric

ABYX laundry liquid is ideal for hand washing delicate fabric, the liquids active ingredients are ready to clean immediately.

Place laundry articles in a laundry netting bag for this purpose, then wash either by machine or hand per label instructions.

 Laundromat’s & Commercial Laundries

ABYX laundry liquid fresh is ideal for commercial laundries and laundromats, the no mess no waste formula is available in bulk quantities. This product is available as a “reuse refill & save” product. Refill your clean containers and only pay for the product.

fabric softener

fabric softener

Follow Washing Machine manufacture instructions.

Pour 100ml into the fabric softener dispenser of the washing machine. Add to final rinse water if hand washing.

Dosage will vary depending upon local water hardness and size of washing load.

The full fragrance experience is complemented when used with our ABYX laundry liquid fresh.


laundry booster

laundry booster

Why use Abyx Laundry Stain Remover

Laundry Booster is an excellent washing additive powder that brightens and removes stains on white and coloured fabrics. It enhances the whole washing performance and experience.

With regular use It removes discolouration and restores dull colours and brightens fabrics

In particular Laundry Booster can be used as a soaker or pre-treater on stained white garments, school and tennis socks, grimy collars and laboratory coats.

Furthermore treat Red wine and food stains on serviettes, table cloths and clothing.

Excellent soak for white net curtains to remove tough stains.

NOTE – Not suitable on wool or silk garments and carpets

How to use
Small stains and spots

Make into paste with hot water and finally put directly on stains and shirts and grimy white collars


Use laundry booster stain remover as a soaker on stained garments. Soak overnight.in hot water.

Especially for severe stains add a little laundry liquid as too much increases foam.


Add 35g laundry booster to your normal detergent as a main wash brightener.
Add 50g to your normal detergent for tougher stains.
Pre-soak laundry in particular with stubborn stains



Before using on new materials check garment washing instructions

Check also for colour fastness by testing a small patch of your garment with a warm solution of laundry booster.

Finally store powder in a dry place and seal the bag or bucket after use.

Never mix colours and white washing together.