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ABYX Chemical Company has decided to rethink the relationship we have with plastic. Plastics are versatile materials, but the way we use them is wasteful. Plastic products are often designed to be used only once, and then we throw them away. This convenience is becoming costly to end users, South Africa imports the raw material to make plastic products. As the oil price rises the “single use” plastic products become more expensive to manufacture.

We at ABYX have decide to introduce an alternative, reuse refill & save. ABYX has selected a number of products to begin the reuse product campaign, this will expand over time, as you the customer, makes the savings.

The process is simple, purchase a product with the reuse refill & save symbol, return your empty clean containers. Receive a product container credit, then swop out for a prefilled container with the same product. You only pay for the product not the container.

Some product lines will also deploy a swop system, you get a credit for your returned container, then swop out for a prefilled container with the same product.

reuse refill save ABYX

Terms & Conditions

The returned container is filled with the same replacement product.

Only ABYX 5lt, and 25lt containers presently refilled.

All containers are clean and with working fitted container cap.

Customers will receive a credit against returned containers which will be offset on eligible product purchased, made at the same time.

ABYX will not keep a record of returned containers for credit at a later time.

ABYX reserves the right to refuse containers if it is felt that they cannot be re-used.

Customers can buy their own containers for refill, these containers remain the property of the customer. Refilling of these containers will need a longer lead time, this is ideal for customers who buy products on a regular schedule, can return empty containers on delivery of full containers.

Reuse plastics to create a circular economy for plastic.

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