hand cleaner

hand cleaner

Place a small amount of hand cleaner grit into palm of your hands, rub hands together until dirt and grease are dissolved, wipe hands with a cloth or rinse with water.

car wash

car wash

What car shampoo is best to use.

Abyx Car Wash is a special formula to safely remove all road dirt from motor vehicles. Because dirt is often difficult to remove if left for a long time it is especially important to use an effective car wash..

How to get best cleaning results.

Firstly Move the vehicle out of direct sun to ensure that the paintwork is cool..

Secondly use a strong water jet to remove all loose dirt such as sand and mud to prevent scratching the paint surface during washing with.

Hand cleaning with car shampoo.

Add [ 60ml ] Abyx car wash to 5L warm water. Apply with a soft cloth or sponge. Rinse vehicle thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth or chamois.

Window Glass, headlights and mirrors.

For best results use a chamois on the windows, headlights and mirrors. Alternatively use newspaper to dry the wet glass surfaces because this gives an excellent finish.

Pressure Washers

To ensure best results with Abyx car shampoo, read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Abyx car wash detergent can be used either undiluted or diluted with water according to your Pressure Washer make and model. Dosage will vary depending upon Pressure Washer and especially manufacturer’s instructions.



tyre black

tyre black

Use Tyre black conditioner undiluted for best results.
After washing trim and tyres apply Tyre black with a sponge or brush.
Dry to a luxurious matte finish.



degreaser heavy duty is a ready-to-use water-based surface cleaner that softens, cuts and removes grease.
It is especially suitable for cleaning Stoves, Extractor Fans, Braais, Engines, Workshop Equipment and other home and industrial applications.

Ideal for removing engine oil stains from cement and concrete paving


Always wear protective clothing and safety glasses. Read the Safety Data Sheet prior to use.

IMPORTANT – Avoid prolonged exposure to paint surfaces, aluminum and wood surfaces.

pine gel

pine gel



In this paragraph you will learn how to do General Cleaning

Firstly add half a cup of pine gel to a bucket of cold or hot water. Stir gently to mix.

Secondly apply the liquid from the bucket to walls, floors or counters with a mop, cloth or sponge.

Thirdly rub the surfaces all over to remove and loosen all dirt.

Fourthly rinse or wash the cleaned surface with water to remove any residue. Repeat with more clean water if necessary.

At this stage dry the surface for a few minutes and enjoy the clean fresh pine gel aroma.

How often should you use pine gel.

Firstly you need to know how often and how many people use the rooms that will be cleaned

If you are cleaning a home with few people you do not have to clean all that often.

Secondly In commercial situations many more persons use the toilets and bathrooms and as a result it is important to use multi-purpose cleaner more often, possibly a few times a day or every hour.

Using pine gel ensures good hygiene at all times and above all neutralizes smells.

What to do after cleaning.

Soak brooms, cloths and mops in the diluted multi-purpose cleaner solution overnight because this will ensure that they are safe to use the following day.

What protective clothing to wear

Persons with sensitive skin should use rubber gloves for added protection when using pine gel