SANIKLEN Topical Solution, an Antiseptic Hand Rub Non Sterile Solution.
Contains 75% alcohol, making it highly effective in killing germs and bacteria.

Easy to apply

Colourless with a light alcohol odour.
HAND USE only.

hand wash

hand wash

Liquid Soap Dispensers

Dispensing  ABYX hand wash fruit liquid soap with a soap dispenser can eliminate wastage as well as controlling the amount of soap been dispensed.

ABYX hand wash fruit liquid soap is the ideal choice for soap dispensers in public bathrooms, toilets, and commercial kitchens.

Hand Washing

Wash with ABYX hand wash fruit liquid soap to ensure thorough cleanliness for your personal hygiene and safety.

Thorough cleaning hands with liquid soap is an important step in additionally preventing the spread of germs and disease.

Using ABYX hand wash fruit liquid soap.

ABYX hand wash fruit liquid soap is pH neutral as well as moisturizers which ensures that it is gentle to the skin.

ABYX hand wash fruit liquid soap is a well formulated liquid soap that clean properly and remove dirt easily.

Wet hands with clean water and dispense a small quantity of liquid soap onto the hands and wrists.

Lather liquid soap to a foam and rub the palms together.

Hold and clean each finger and thumb individually with a twisting motion.

Interlock fingers of each hand and use an up and down rubbing action.

Next wash the back of the hands.

Clean under the fingernails and the tips of each finger.

Rinse hands under water and dry off excess water.

Repeat again if hands are not perfectly clean.



bubble bath

bubble bath

What product to use for an amazing bathroom experience.

Abyx Bubble Bath Herbal gives you a wonderful and fragrant relaxing bath experience every time.

The bubbles are thick and foaming and last to give you enough time to relax and enjoy fully,.

Wash away stress and tiredness in a lovely warm tub full of silky soft foaming bubbles.

How to get best results.

Pour bubble bath herbal generously under hot running tap water to achieve required foam, relax and enjoy the delightful aroma.

Spoil your child

Furthermore this product is very mild to the skin and eyes and is safe to use even with young children. Give your child a fun bath experience with a warm bath full of bubbles. Do away with a boring wash and scrub. Change bath time into play time and see the enjoyment. This reward always works wonders.

During hot weather a herbal bath of foaming cold water in the bathroom or outdoors will work its magic to amuse all children for a long time. Used on a plastic slide together with a running hose the foam helps to smooth the way and adds to extra enjoyment.

Water restrictions

In spite of water restrictions you will be able to use less water at bath time because the foam will make up for the smaller amount of water in the bath.

shower gel

shower gel

Wet body with clean running water and apply shower gel with sponge or by hand, as required.

Rinse thoroughly and dry body with a clean towel.

Feel fresh & clean.